James Van Praagh Profile


We have just added to our website our Profile of James Van Praagh. In this free Profile, Brady Blevins looks at the history of the popular medium, as well as his teachings and activities, and provides a biblical response.

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Witnessing Tips and Strategy for Sharing the Gospel with Hindus


Hinduism is predicted to grow 34 percent worldwide, from just over 1 billion to nearly 1.4 billion people, by 2050. In the United States alone, the Hindu population grew to 2.23 million—an increase of 85.8 percent—since 2007. All of this raises a vital question: how can Christians share the Gospel with followers of this growing religion?

In a new article on our website, C. Fred Smith explains:

Hinduism offers such a different worldview than Christianity that many Christians may find responding to Hinduism rather intimidating. One major challenge is that Hindus will often affirm Christian forms of worship and teachings. It is possible, however, to respond to Hindu claims regarding ultimate truth, and to defend the gospel effectively and engagingly. There are a couple of main areas where Christians can show that a biblical worldview is better, the matter of the experience and destiny the two religions offer, and the question or logical coherence.

Learn more about the Christian response to Hinduism, as well as tips for sharing the Gospel, in this free article.

FREE DVD “The Bible Vs. Joseph Smith” When You Support Our Utah Mission Trip!


Can I ask for your help? If you can, I would like to say “thank you” by giving you one of the most powerful Christian DVDs ever produced exploring the claims of Mormonism.

Our annual mission trip to Manti, Utah is just weeks away. As we are coming down to the wire, we are still over $3,000 short of what we need to send all our summer missionaries. This year we have our largest team ever – 18 missionaries signed up and ready to go. I would not want to turn anyone away because of lack of support.

If you can help right now with a donation of any amount, I would like to say thank you by giving you a free DVD, The Bible Vs. Joseph Smith. This mind-blowing documentary is one of the most powerful apologetic tools I have ever seen. Let me tell you why.

On the video, you will meet Greg Gifford, who is a committed Mormon, and my friend Joel Kramer, a committed Christian apologist. These men are not actors – a real Mormon and a real Christian. Greg accepts Joel’s challenge to put the Prophet Joseph Smith to the biblical test for a prophet found in Deuteronomy 18:20-22. Both men met in Israel to review the prophecies and examine the evidence first hand:

  • Is there real evidence of fulfilled Bible prophecy?
  • Does God require prophets to be 100% accurate?
  • Do Joseph Smith’s prophecies fail the test?

You will be fascinated to see how a devout Mormon elder responds to the powerful evidence of fulfilled prophecy in the Bible. But what is really amazing is to watch how he reacts to the sobering reality of the failed prophecies of Joseph Smith! You won’t believe it.

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Please donate at least $3.88 to cover P&H · Offer ends June 31, USA only

UPDATE: Experience this 2-minute preview of the DVD, The Bible Vs. Joseph Smith. You can still claim your FREE DVD with the full 78-minute documentary when you help support our Utah Mission Trip. We are having an overwhelming response so far. Thank you for standing with us!

Watch This Hilarious 5-minute Video Destroy the Anti-Christian Movie Zeitgeist


Give me 5 minutes! You have to watch this hysterical parody video spoofing the anti-christian movie Zeitgeist. Last week I emailed to subscribers a copy of our latest Profile on Zeitgeist: The Movie, a wildly popular documentary that levels a devastating attack against Christianity. That 4-page Profile was our effort to provided a solid Christian response to this assault on our faith.

Now here is another tool you will want to put in your “defend the faith” toolbox. In just 5 minutes, this little video destroys the Zeitgeist movie with a heavy dose of satire and tongue-in-cheek fun.

The Zeitgeist documentary tries to prove that Christ is a fictional character that was created by cobbling together elements of earlier religions and pagan myth stories including Egyptian deities, Greek mythology, and Astrology.

So was the Jesus story really borrowed from the mythical Horus, the Egyptian “sky god” born to the goddess Isis? No way! Just watch this 5-minute video, How Horus Ruined Christmas, and get a great laugh! The video was produced by the folks at Lutheran Satire. You may want to check out their YouTube channel for more good videos.

Click here to watch the 5 minute video: www.watchman.org/parodyvideo.htm

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James Arthur Ray Profile


We have just added to our website our Profile of James Arthur Ray. In this free Profile, Brady Blevins looks at the history of this controversial teacher, as well as his teachings and activities, and provides a biblical response.

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Photograph of Sedona, AZ by A125125125

José Luis de Jesús Miranda Profile


We have just added to our website our Profile of José Luis de Jesús Miranda. In this free Profile, James K. Walker looks at the history of this controversial teacher, as well as his teachings and activities, and provides a biblical response.

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Illustration: A medieval depiction of the antichrist

Utah Mission: Help Us Go or Go with Us


Can you be a partner of our 2015 mission trip to Manti, Utah? There are three ways you can help:

  1. Praying for our missionaries
  2. Donating to support our team
  3. Joining the team by coming with us

Here Is How It Works

For 26 years, Watchman has sent teams of missionaries to Manti, Utah each summer to share the true gospel with Mormons. The Mormons produce a huge outdoor drama, The Mormon Miracle Pageant, outside of their temple in Manti. The pageant features a cast of hundreds in a major production dramatizing the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

Tens of thousands of Mormons attend and we join with many other Christian groups to pass out tracts and share in gospel conversations for hours each evening before the pageant begins. The first few days we provide training and a crash course in Mormon theology and history. We also take a tour of Temple Square in Salt Lake City (and have lots of fun).

Please Partner with Us

We need your support this year to help with the costs of this mission trip. Would you consider an online donation to help cover the expenses? Your gift may also provide partial scholarships for some of our missionaries who are ready and willing to go but fall short of the needed funds.

Click to Donate Utah Mission 2015: www.watchman.org/donate

Please help us cover 100% of the costs this year. If we are able to fully-fund the Utah mission trip, additional funds will be made available for other Watchman Fellowship ministry, apologetics, and evangelistic projects.

Want to Join Our Utah Team?

Why don’t you come with us? Please pray about being a summer missionary with Watchman for the 2015 Utah Mission Trip. We provide all the training but if you are not ready to witness to Mormons directly, you may want to go as a Prayer Intercessor. You can be part of our team by being onsite to watch, encourage, and pray as we share the gospel.

Our trip is June 14-21 and the cost is $1,200 including all training, witnessing materials, tracts, lodging, most meals, ground transportation, and airfare from most major US cities. If you want to provide your own transportation to Salt Lake City, the total cost is $700 for the 8 days and 7 nights. Space is limited so if you think you might be interested, let us know right away. Just email or call our mission trip coordinator, Renae Storms, and she will provide an application and more information.

Contact Renae Storms
817-277-0023 ext. 103

Most of all, we need your prayers. Please pray that the Lord will touch countless hearts in Utah this summer with His gospel of grace. Please pray that each of us on the mission team will be “speaking the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15).

Photo of Manti, UT by Maylett

MorningStar Ministries / Rick Joyner Profile


We have just added to our website our Profile of MorningStar Ministries and Rick and Julie Joyner. In this free Profile, Keith Gibson looks at the history of the Joyners and their organization, as well as their teachings and activities, and provides a biblical response.

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Photo of Heritage Grand Hotel, owned by MorningStar Ministries.

Top 3 Reasons Not to Join the Jehovah’s Witnesses (Free Video)


Meet Daniel Grissom. He was one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses we have helped through our witnessing resources. You will be thrilled to know, Daniel left the Watchtower and was radically transformed by God’s grace becoming a true follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Daniel made the spiritual journey from the Kingdom Hall to the Kingdom of God. I am excited to share that Daniel is now part of our team as a support staff member at Watchman Fellowship. That, my friend,  is a miracle!

He has just produced the first in a series of short videos explaining why he is no longer a Jehovah’s Witness. I wanted you to have access to this right away. I believe these videos will be great resources for you to learn more and be equipped to share with Jehovah’s Witnesses at your front door. Please tell me what you think.

FREE: Click to Watch (6.2 min.) www.watchman.org/3ReasonsVideoJW.htm

The prayer and financial support of our friends like you help us to be able to produce witnessing resources like this and to reach those in false religions like Daniel Grissom. Daniel and I, along with the rest of our team, want to tell you how much we appreciate your help.

Thank you for standing with us!

Get a Free Copy of The Concise Guide to Today’s Religions and Spirituality with Your Year-End Donation


If you can help us between now and December 31, I would like to say “thank you” by sending a signed copy of my book. Like many nonprofit ministries, a significant portion of Watchman’s support is given during the month of December. Unfortunately with only a few days left in 2014, our donations are way behind last year and over $36,000 under budget. That is why I need your help.

If you have already made an end-of-year donation, THANKS! Our staff and their families trust in the Lord’s provisions and rely on the generous donations of our partners like you to continue our ministry of apologetics, equipping and evangelism. If you believe in our ministry but have not yet made a December donation, you still have time to give a tax-deductible gift. If you can make a final 2014 donation online by midnight, December 31, I would like to express my appreciation by sending you an autographed copy of my book, The Concise Guide to Today’s Religions and Spirituality.

Our staff and I worked for over 10 years researching and compiling the key doctrines and practices of the vast majority of faiths in America. The result was this book containing fast facts on over 1,700 cults, sects, occult groups, world religions, Christian denominations, controversial doctrines and spiritual leaders. This 359-page book is conveniently arranged alphabetically from “Aaronic Order” to “Zoroastrianism” with hundreds of cross-references. Be prepared to know the basics when friends or family come in contact with another religion or controversial belief. Any new online donations made before January 1 using this special link will automatically qualify you to receive your autographed copy (USA only). Please take advantage right now.

Your Year End Donation: Why is your year-end gift so important? Did you know that the financial donations from Christian friends and partners like you fund all of our evangelism, apologetics, and teaching ministries? This support also makes possible our annual missionary outreach to Utah as well as our international mission trips.

We count on and are thankful for the support of ministry partners like you. You help us stay on the “front lines” of apologetics and outreach. Your year-end gift this December means so much more than a mere tax-deduction. Your gift provides the funding needed to advance the ministry and it is a source of great encouragement to me and the rest of our team. It tells me that you believe in what we are doing and want to stand with us in the ministry. Please consider a year-end 2014 donation by clicking here: http://www.watchman.org/Book2014

Thank you for praying for our staff and their families in 2014. May you and your family enjoy a blessed New Year in 2015!