Hebrew Roots Profile


Has your family or church been shaken by the Hebrew Roots Movement? For years we have been getting reports of families being divided and congregations threatened with church splits over a controversial movement called Hebrew Roots, Nazarene Judaism, or Jewish Roots.

This is not the same as Messianic Judaism and goes way beyond Christians wanting to be more aware of the Old Testament and Jewish background of Christianity. In fact, according to some critics this is a new, hybrid religion that is neither Christian nor Jewish.

  • Why is ‘Hebrew Roots’ so popular?
  • What are the spiritual dangers?
  • Why is it so controversial?

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The House of Yahweh in the News


The House of Yahweh, a Sacred Name group located in a town near Abilene, TX, has repeatedly shown up in recent news. Most significantly, a member of the group has been charged with threatening to kill a judge and group of lawyers. The group also appeared in the news when Malik Obama, half-brother of the President of the United States, spoke at the House’s Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. While all of this is noteworthy, the House of Yahweh tends to be largely unknown outside north-central Texas (despite brief national attention a few years ago). Who is the House of Yahweh, what does the group believe, and what might motivate the actions for which it’s appeared in the news?

You can learn more in Philip Arnn’s in-depth Profile of the House of Yahweh, and you can learn about their Book of Yahweh in this look at the distinctive scriptures of several pseudo-Christian groups.

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Easter Resources


Every year, as the calendar approaches Easter, we see an attack on the faith: major media outlets release documentaries and articles purporting to reveal the “truth” about Christ and Christianity, while other religious groups use the holiday as an opportunity to win converts away from biblical Christianity. What should a Christian do?

This is a great time to learn more about your faith, and how to share it with others. Below are some of our free resources on Christianity and apologetics:

We also have resources available in our store that will help you better understand your faith:

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Voodoo in the News


There have been a notable number of headlining stories in the news about voodoo. As we pointed out in our Twitter and Facebook streams, we’ve recently seen stories about a man who allegedly committed murder in order to use the victim’s head for voodoo practices, as well as conflict among Santería sects. Interest in voodoo seems to be on the upswing.

You can better understand this system of religions by reading our Profile on voodoo. In this free Profile, Robert and Marilyn Stewart look at the history, beliefs and practices of voodoo, and present a Christian response.

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The Church of Wells Profile


We have added to our website a Profile of The Church of Wells (Texas). In this free Profile, Dylan McCabe looks at the history and doctrine of the controversial group, and presents a Christian response.

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You can also listen below to an episode of Point of View with Kirby Anderson, where James Walker and Dylan McCabe discuss the Church of Wells with Kirby.


News Articles on Joel Osteen and the LDS Law of Eternal Progression


On our Twitter and Facebook streams we recently added posts about two notable articles in the news: one about a recent theft of over $600,000 from Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, and the other about a new statement by the LDS Church about the Law of Eternal Progression.

To learn more about Joel Osteen, including why he is such a controversial figure among Christians, you can read our free Profile on Osteen.

To learn more about the Mormon Law of Eternal Progression, you can read our free Profile of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you’d like to dig deeper into the subject, as well as learn how to use LDS teachings on eternal progression to witness to Mormons, you can purchase our audio CD and manual set, The Law of Eternal Progression: A Christian Critique of the Mormon Gospel.

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Rob Bell Profile


We have just uploaded to our website our Profile of Rob Bell. In this free Profile Everett Berry looks at the history and teachings of the popular teacher, and presents a Christian response.

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Is the Mormon Temple Ceremony Secret or Sacred?


Latter-day Saints have a long standing criticism of our ministry because when teaching on Mormonism, we often reveal portions of the secret Mormon Temple ceremony. While they don’t like anything we say, this sometimes seems to upset them the most. At one seminar, about fifteen Mormon missionaries stood in unison and walked briskly out of the auditorium when the subject of the ritual was discussed.

The temple ceremony is one of the most important events in the life of a Mormon. To participate, the Mormon must go before his Bishop and Stake President for interviews to determine his personal “worthiness.” To pass, he must be a full tithe payer; must not smoke, drink coffee or tea; must not possess any “anti-Mormon” literature (like the Watchman Expositor) and if he has already “received his endowments,” must wear the authorized Mormon Temple undergarments constantly. Those who successfully comply with these and a host of other questions, receive the coveted “temple recommend,” a card which certifies their worthiness and allows them entrance into a Mormon Temple.

The vast majority of Mormons never reach this level of commitment and can never receive their endowments and be married and sealed to their spouse for “time and all eternity,” in this life — an important part of the ritual.

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Should a College Course Be Based on Stephen R. Covey?


In our Facebook and Twitter streams we recently linked to a news article about a proposal by Alamo Colleges in San Antonio to replace a required humanities course with one based on the work of Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. While the faculty of Alamo Colleges object to this change based on academic grounds, there is an additional religious problem, as is discussed in this article on our website:

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, a book written by Stephen R. Covey, former Brigham Young University professor and founder of the Covey Leadership Center, has been a runaway best-seller for the last decade. A major premise of The Seven Habits has to do with one’s paradigm on life-one’s worldview, the basic set of assumptions about life that filter all one’s perceptions of life, and color one’s understanding of all of life.1 These assumptions are so basic to one’s thinking that one seldom notices their existence, much less questions their accuracy. However, they may or may not correspond to reality. To the degree that one’s paradigm on life errs, all one’s perceptions of life and of others in one’s life will be skewed, creating unnecessary misunderstandings, hurt, and possibly even danger to oneself and others. And the damage potential of the wrong paradigm on life extends all the way to eternity.

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False Prophecy in the Doctrine and Covenants


Many Mormons pray to receive a “testimony” of the truthfulness of the Church and believe that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. While prayer itself is good, the Bible never recommends prayer as a way of discerning true and false prophets…Before testing any of Joseph Smith’s prophecies found in the Doctrine and Covenants, it is important to classify types of prophetic statements dealing with future events.

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