Racism in the LDS Church

Both Mormons and critics of Mormonism were surprised to read in the May 18, 1998 Los Angeles Times that Mormon Church leaders were seriously considering public repudiation of long standing Mormon doctrine on the spiritual inferiority of Blacks of African descent. The First Presidency quickly denied the rumor, but questions concerning the doctrine continue.

Residual Racism in Modern Mormonism - What is the current LDS doctrine regarding Blacks and the curse of Cain?

"The Long Promised Day Has Come"  - Brigham Young proclaimed that giving the priesthood to Blacks would result in the priesthood being removed from the earth.  Has it? A Parallel History - Numerous similarities in Mormon history between the ending of polygamy and the offering of the priesthood to Blacks raise serious questions.

Foundation for Discrimination - LDS scripture is the foundation for racism in Mormonism.

Profile: Deepak Chopra - He's one of the most successful New Age gurus, having sold more than ten million books in thirty languages. This individual, referred to as the Bearer of True Enlightenment, is Deepak Chopra.

Conversations with the Counterfeit - New Age author's "conversations with God" are only soliloquies.

Bulgaria and Blood - The Watchtower Society recently agreed to allow Jehovah's Witnesses to receive blood transfusions in Bulgaria. Will the Society fulfill the agreement?

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