2016 Utah Mission Trip: Help Us Share the Gospel or Go With Us?


Can you help us with our 2016 mission trip to Manti, Utah? Last year we brought a team of 19 missionaries to join with over 200 other Christians to share the true gospel of grace with thousands of Mormons. We were blessed to personally witness several Mormons who were born again that week and heard reports of between a dozen and 20 others saved.

I really want to go back in June but I can’t do it alone. There are three ways you can help:

  1. Praying for our missionaries
  2. Donating to support our team
  3. Joining the team by coming with us

Here Is How It Works

For over 25 years, Watchman has sent teams of missionaries to Manti, Utah each summer to witness to Mormons. The Mormons produce a huge outdoor drama, The Mormon Miracle Pageant, outside of their temple in Manti. The pageant features a cast of hundreds in a major production dramatizing the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

Over 70,000 Mormons attend this event annually. We join with many other Christian groups to pass out tracts and share in gospel conversations for hours each evening before the pageant begins. The first few days we provide training and a crash course in Mormon theology and history.

We also take a tour of Temple Square in Salt Lake City (and have tons of fun).

Please Partner with Us — CLICK to Donate Utah Mission 2016: http://www.watchman.org/donate

We need your support this year to help with the costs of this mission trip. Would you consider an online donation to help cover the expenses? Your gift may also provide partial scholarships for some of our missionaries who are ready and willing to go but fall short of the needed funds. If we are able to fully-fund the Utah mission trip, additional funds can be made available for other Watchman Fellowship ministry, apologetics, and evangelistic projects.

Want to Come with Us to Utah and a Watchman Missionary?

Why don’t you come with us? Please pray about being a summer missionary with Watchman for the 2016 Utah Mission Trip. We provide all the training but if you are not ready to witness to Mormons directly, you may want to go as a Prayer Intercessor. You can be part of our team by being onsite to watch, encourage, and pray as we share the gospel. It will be a week you will remember the rest of you life!

Our trip is June 12-19 and the cost is $1,300 including all training, witnessing materials, tracts, lodging, most meals, ground transportation, and airfare from most major US cities. If you want to provide your own transportation to Salt Lake City, the total cost is $800 for the 8 days and 7 nights. Space is limited so if you think you might be interested, let us know right away. Just email or call our mission trip coordinator, Renae Storms, and she will provide an application and more information. She will also work with you to help raise your mission travel expenses from your friends, family, and church.

Contact Renae Storms
817-277-0023 ext. 103

I would love to have you come with us to Utah or help others to go but most of all, we need your prayers. Please pray that the Lord will touch countless hearts in Utah this summer with His gospel of grace. Please pray that each of us on the mission team will be “speaking the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15).