“The Atheist Delusion:” Free DVD if you know an Atheist!

The Atheist Delusion

Do you know an atheist, agnostic or skeptic? If so, I would like to send you a free copy of the 62-minute DVD, The Atheist Delusion. I was so impressed with this video, I purchase one thousand DVDs from our friends at Living Water Films! I’d like to give you one. All I ask is a donation of at least $3.71 to help cover shipping.1

Of course, if you can donate more than $3.71 it would be greatly appreciated but I don’t want the cost to keep you from owning this exciting resource. Watch this 85-second preview or claim your DVD here: www.watchman.org/AtheistDelusion.

Instant Access: Watch this DVD now on your Phone?

When you order your DVD, you get instant access to a link and password to watch the entire video by web streaming. It works great on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. At checkout, you automatically get a link (online and by email) to register your DVD. Once registered, you can immediately access the full 62-minute video to stream on any device. Then, please allow about 14 business days for your DVD to ship.

You’ll be riveted as you witness atheist students on university campuses being interviewed about powerful proofs for the existence of God. Watch Christian apologist Ray Comfort discussing evidences for a Creator with Lawrence Krauss, renown atheist and author of the bestsellers, A Universe from Nothing and Why There Is No God.

You will want to first watch this video yourself to learn some simple yet effective techniques for engaging in conversations with atheists. The DVD also makes a great gift to give to any atheist, agnostic or skeptic. Ask them if they would be willing to watch and critique it. They may be very open to give you their opinion of the video from an atheist perspective.

I really believe you are going to love this DVD. It is a great tool and will be a valuable addition to your “defend the faith” toolbox (1 Peter 3:15). Watch the 85-second preview or request your free DVD here: www.watchman.org/AtheistDelusion.

I greatly appreciate your prayers and support. Your partnership makes possible our ministry of apologetics including research, writing, publishing, mission trips, evangelistic outreach, and training Christians to defend their faith. On behalf of our staff and their families, I wish to thank you for standing with us as we help hurting people and share the Good News of the grace of Christ.

1NOTE: This DVD offer ends at midnight March 31, 2017 and is valid in the USA only. International donors will receive video streaming access only.