FREE DVD “The Bible Vs. Joseph Smith” When You Support Our Utah Mission Trip!


Can I ask for your help? If you can, I would like to say “thank you” by giving you one of the most powerful Christian DVDs ever produced exploring the claims of Mormonism.

Our annual mission trip to Manti, Utah is just weeks away. As we are coming down to the wire, we are still over $3,000 short of what we need to send all our summer missionaries. This year we have our largest team ever – 18 missionaries signed up and ready to go. I would not want to turn anyone away because of lack of support.

If you can help right now with a donation of any amount, I would like to say thank you by giving you a free DVD, The Bible Vs. Joseph Smith. This mind-blowing documentary is one of the most powerful apologetic tools I have ever seen. Let me tell you why.

On the video, you will meet Greg Gifford, who is a committed Mormon, and my friend Joel Kramer, a committed Christian apologist. These men are not actors – a real Mormon and a real Christian. Greg accepts Joel’s challenge to put the Prophet Joseph Smith to the biblical test for a prophet found in Deuteronomy 18:20-22. Both men met in Israel to review the prophecies and examine the evidence first hand:

  • Is there real evidence of fulfilled Bible prophecy?
  • Does God require prophets to be 100% accurate?
  • Do Joseph Smith’s prophecies fail the test?

You will be fascinated to see how a devout Mormon elder responds to the powerful evidence of fulfilled prophecy in the Bible. But what is really amazing is to watch how he reacts to the sobering reality of the failed prophecies of Joseph Smith! You won’t believe it.

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UPDATE: Experience this 2-minute preview of the DVD, The Bible Vs. Joseph Smith. You can still claim your FREE DVD with the full 78-minute documentary when you help support our Utah Mission Trip. We are having an overwhelming response so far. Thank you for standing with us!