Get a Free Copy of The Concise Guide to Today’s Religions and Spirituality with Your Year-End Donation


If you can help us between now and December 31, I would like to say “thank you” by sending a signed copy of my book. Like many nonprofit ministries, a significant portion of Watchman’s support is given during the month of December. Unfortunately with only a few days left in 2014, our donations are way behind last year and over $36,000 under budget. That is why I need your help.

If you have already made an end-of-year donation, THANKS! Our staff and their families trust in the Lord’s provisions and rely on the generous donations of our partners like you to continue our ministry of apologetics, equipping and evangelism. If you believe in our ministry but have not yet made a December donation, you still have time to give a tax-deductible gift. If you can make a final 2014 donation online by midnight, December 31, I would like to express my appreciation by sending you an autographed copy of my book, The Concise Guide to Today’s Religions and Spirituality.

Our staff and I worked for over 10 years researching and compiling the key doctrines and practices of the vast majority of faiths in America. The result was this book containing fast facts on over 1,700 cults, sects, occult groups, world religions, Christian denominations, controversial doctrines and spiritual leaders. This 359-page book is conveniently arranged alphabetically from “Aaronic Order” to “Zoroastrianism” with hundreds of cross-references. Be prepared to know the basics when friends or family come in contact with another religion or controversial belief. Any new online donations made before January 1 using this special link will automatically qualify you to receive your autographed copy (USA only). Please take advantage right now.

Your Year End Donation: Why is your year-end gift so important? Did you know that the financial donations from Christian friends and partners like you fund all of our evangelism, apologetics, and teaching ministries? This support also makes possible our annual missionary outreach to Utah as well as our international mission trips.

We count on and are thankful for the support of ministry partners like you. You help us stay on the “front lines” of apologetics and outreach. Your year-end gift this December means so much more than a mere tax-deduction. Your gift provides the funding needed to advance the ministry and it is a source of great encouragement to me and the rest of our team. It tells me that you believe in what we are doing and want to stand with us in the ministry. Please consider a year-end 2014 donation.

Thank you for praying for our staff and their families in 2014. May you and your family enjoy a blessed New Year in 2015!