Michael Gungor and the Importance of Biblical Authority


Popular musician Michael Gungor has recently been the focus of a flurry of stories in the Christian media regarding his position on the literal truth of a variety of biblical doctrines. Gungor has stated that he is no more able to believe in the existence of Adam and Eve, or the great flood, than he is able to “believe in Santa Clause or to not believe in gravity.”

Why is this significant—so much so that even one of Gungor’s close friends says “he wouldn’t consider (Gungor) a Christian anymore”? It is important because, as Craig Branch writes in article on our website, “Those who lose faith in the Bible ultimately and naturally lose their other Christian beliefs as well. Having lost the rudder of a trustworthy Bible, they usually drift toward cultic doctrine. This is most tragic in the case of individuals and churches who were once committed to an orthodox course.”

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