My Interview with a Branch Davidian (plus 2 Free Books)

WACO, TEXAS — 25-years ago 4 ATF agents were tragically killed in the line of duty and over 80 Branch Davidians along with their prophet, David Koresh died in a horrific fire. Our ministry was able to help the family of one Branch Davidian, Robert Scott, escape from Koresh before the fire. Watch my interview with Robert, who is now a Christian. We also are offering two free books plus a bonus video.

SPECIAL OFFER: Two Free Books and Bonus Video

Robert’s parents, Ken and Alice Scott, never gave up on rescuing their son from the dangerous influence of David Koresh. My staff worked countess hours with Robert’s family helping them to understand the beliefs of the Branch Davidians and the incredible control David Koresh exerted over his followers. Fortunately, the Lord blessed and Robert broke free. His messiah is now the Lord Jesus Christ not David Koresh.

Alice Scott made a decision to publish everything she had learned through this experience and use it as a blessing. She told their story in her book, The Incredible Power of Cults, specifically to help others whose children or loved ones were trapped by spiritual abuse in a false religion. Last year, Robert Scott also wrote his autobiography, A Branch on Fire, including his life experiences and the critical lessons he learned in Waco at the Branch Davidian compound under David Koresh. I would like you to have both books for free!

I would like to mail you a free copy of The Incredible Power of Cults by Alice Scott (currently $30 on and send you a link to read the digital edition of Robert Scott’s book. Both books are free. All we ask is a donation of at least $3.84 to help with postage.1 Any tax-deductible donation above that will be greatly appreciated. We can really use your support and I hope you will be as generous as possible. The bottom line, however, is that I don’t want finances to keep you from owning these books. That’s why we are giving them away. Just click here to request your two books and bonus video:

BONUS VIDEO: My Interview with a Current Branch Davidian

Did you know that there are still Branch Davidians who believe David Koresh is their Messiah who will soon return to earth? With your books, I would like to include a link to watch a bonus video. I was able to interview a surviving Branch Davidian and burn victim, Clive Doyle, while in Waco last month at the Branch Davidian chapel.

Mr. Doyle was one of the few Davidians who managed to escape the burning building 25 years ago. Although his daughter was killed and he was badly burned that day, he still believes that David Koresh was sent by God and will physically return to earth along with all the Davidians who died in the fire. I conducted a lengthy interview with Mr. Doyle to find out his version of what really happened 25 years ago. I wanted to know after all that, how he can still believe in Koresh.

I will include a link for you to watch my interview with Clive Doyle in its entirety. Just request both books and the bonus interview using the enclosed reply form or online at

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