New Video: Ex-Mormon Convention in Salt Lake City


Can you help us reach more Mormons with the true gospel? There is currently a major exodus of Latter-day Saints who are leaving the Mormon Church at a pace never seen in the history of Mormonism. Last month I was asked to kick off the ex-Mormon convention in Salt Lake City. We are now offering that new message on video for a donation of any amount.

In my talk, I provide the proof from shocking statistics gleaned from major demographic studies along with some amazing admissions by LDS General Authorities. This evidence reveals the real reasons Mormons are now “leaving in droves.” Most importantly, I share practical strategies for reaching out to these “Mormons in transition” with the true gospel of the grace of Christ.

In this message I also answer critical questions that are raised including:

  1. Where are the 1.7 million “missing Mormons?”
  2. Why are so many Mormons now losing faith — what has changed?
  3. What role is the Internet playing in this mass exodus?
  4. Why is only 11% of these former Mormons embracing Christianity?
  5. How can we reach these former Mormons with the true Gospel?

On this video you will also witness the Utah premiere of the 21-minute video Is Mormonism True? produced through our partnership with TrueLifeOrg. I also provide a 5-minute sneak preview of my two-hour debate with Mormon Elder, Joseph Evans, the Dallas-area LDS Institute and Seminary coordinator, Is Mormonism Christian?

Again, you can watch this new video for a donation of any amount.

The good news is that Mormons are seeing the errors and leaving. Your donation helps us to reach out Mormons and those of other faiths with the truth of Christ. If you can help us by making an online donation of any amount between now and May 31, I will send you this video (link and password) so you can experience the complete message — 1 hour, 40 minutes! This is our way of saying “thank you” for your support of Watchman Fellowship.

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