Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy


The Watchtower Society has a long history of failed prophecies based on their uniquely flawed interpretation of the Bible. The Society is releasing at its 1999 “God’s Prophetic Word” District Conventions a new book that reinforces the label of “false prophet” that Christians have long applied to the organization.

Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy! is, like the earlier book Revelation: Its Grand Climax at Hand, a “commentary” that applies the Society’s eschatological (i.e., “end times”) doctrines to the Bible. One of the most intriguing sections of Pay Attention… is the analysis of the King of the North and the King of the South from Daniel 11. The changes that the Watchtower Society has made in its teachings regarding the identities of these kings is yet another example of the unreliability of Watchtower prophecy. The remainder of this article will examine the current Watchtower explication of Daniel 11, noting how and when this explication supports and differs from past Society teachings.

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