Seeking God at The Shack

Seeking God at The Shack

I’ve had a crazy response from the email I sent offering our 4-page Profile on The Shack. Over 1,000 people have already downloaded our Profile and I’ve had tons of feedback and shares. With this much buzz, I thought it would be helpful to offer another free resource — this sermon I preached on the book, The Shack.

All Roads Lead Where? Seeking God at The Shack

I shared this message live at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, NC for my friend Pastor Stephen Davey. It was carried worldwide on the Wisdom for the Heart radio network. Feel free to listen to this sermon and share it with others. We have included the PowerPoint that you may watch along with the audio.

We also added some eye-opening video. Please play close attention when watching the two video clips we included from CBC TV’s The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos interviewing The Shack author William P. Young. Once you watch the interview, I think you will understand the source of much of the controversy.

Get the full message for free here:

In case you missed my email, The Shack movie just opened last weekend in theaters worldwide. It is based on the controversial book, self-published in 2007, by a heretofore unknown author, William P. Young. The book, which had been rejected by traditional Christian publishers, shocked the publishing world by jumping to #1 on the NY Times bestsellers list in 2008. The movie is being heavily promoted now in many Christian churches. The movie is poised to be a blockbuster but you will want to know that there are some serious theological problems.

I want you to be prepared. That’s why I sent our 4-page Profile on the book, The Shack. If you didn’t get it yet, you may still download that 4-page Profile for FREE here:

If the movie previews are any indicator, the film will be repeating some of the same doctrinal errors promoted in the book. Among other problems, The Shack misidentifies the Persons of the Trinity, hinting at the heresy of Modalism and promotes a form of Universalism (everyone eventually goes to heaven) called Universal Reconciliation. Dr. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said:

This book includes undiluted heresy. … It is a deeply troubling book. … It is intended, undoubtedly, as a way of trying to bring about some kind of redefinition or new understanding of the Christian faith. … The main character says at one point that he now understands that everything he learned at seminary was basically all wrong.

Please read the Profile to get a better idea of what is at stake. Also, I want you to feel free to share this with others either by emailing the link or printing copies.

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