Surprising Survey Results Are In – Should Christians Practice Yoga?


This surprised me! We just tabulated the results of our One Question Reader Survey “Should Christians Practice Yoga?” We contacted over 5,000 Profile readers like you by email and 451 of you participated in the survey. I really thought our readers would be divided about evenly on this and I would probably get a lot of “hate mail.”

I was wrong. We were amazed to see that over 90% of you (401 total) answered “No” to the survey question while 20 did not vote but left comments. I was surprised and encouraged to see that only 32 responded “Yes” to the question “Should Christians practice Yoga.” Even some of those voting “Yes” included qualifying stipulations or other words of caution. There were also some very good comments posted on both sides of the discussion.

Want to learn more? We are still offering our 4-page Profile on Yoga and leaving the survey open a little longer so you can still add your voice.

Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. I also greatly appreciate your continued prayer and support for our ministry. If you would like to help, you may partner with us today. Just click here: