The House of Yahweh in the News


The House of Yahweh, a Sacred Name group located in a town near Abilene, TX, has repeatedly shown up in recent news. Most significantly, a member of the group has been charged with threatening to kill a judge and group of lawyers. The group also appeared in the news when Malik Obama, half-brother of the President of the United States, spoke at the House’s Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. While all of this is noteworthy, the House of Yahweh tends to be largely unknown outside north-central Texas (despite brief national attention a few years ago). Who is the House of Yahweh, what does the group believe, and what might motivate the actions for which it’s appeared in the news?

You can learn more in Philip Arnn’s in-depth Profile of the House of Yahweh, and you can learn about their Book of Yahweh in this look at the distinctive scriptures of several pseudo-Christian groups.

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