Watch Me, an Ex-Mormon, Interview this Mormon Missionary

This is NOT a coincidence! You will love watching my interview with Jaron Fowles, a returned Mormon missionary, on main street in Manti, Utah. I met Jaron exactly three years earlier at that same intersection. Watch what happened next.

When I first met Jaron in 2014, he told me he was about to leave on his Mormon mission and he had been assigned to the Texas, Fort Worth Mission. In God’s providence, he was placed in an apartment within walking distance of my home.

Although I am an ex-Mormon, Jaron had the courage to call my cell when he arrived in Texas. That call was the beginning of a great friendship that lasted throughout his two-year mission and beyond. He is still a believing Mormon but he says he now has questions about Mormonism that have “rocked me to my knees.” Jaron and his brother just drove 4-hours round-trip to meet me in Manti, Utah for this interview. Please watch and let me know what you think.

THANKS to each of you who prayed for our 2017 Utah Mission trip and for those of you who gave financial support to our ministry. You literally make ministry like our 2017 Utah Mission Trip possible. Please take a few minutes to watch the 10-min. video interview and to pray for Jaron. I also want say a special “thank you” to all 30 of our 2017 Utah missionaries who gave of their time and finances this summer to reach Mormons with the true gospel of Christ.

QUESTION: What advice or encouragement would you give Jaron today? Let me know and I’ll pass it on to Jaron. I’m sure that he will be thrilled to know you are praying for him. (Privacy Note: I will not share your name or email address!)