Watch Now: “Is There a God? – Answering Atheists, Agnostics, & Skeptics”


Do you know someone who is an atheist, agnostic, or skeptic? If so, I would like you to have free access to watch my new message, Is There a God? This talk addresses some of the most common arguments leveled against Christianity made popular by “New Atheists” such as Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith and Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion.

How would you respond to a friend, coworker, or family member who asks:

  • How can you believe in miracles or the supernatural?
  • If God is good and also all powerful, why is there so much evil in the world?
  • Why doesn’t God reveal Himself if He is really there?

Click to watch IS THERE A GOD?

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New Islam Debate: Please pray for my upcoming debate with the Muslim apologist Khalil Meek. The two-hour debate will be held Wednesday, March 2, at 6pm on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. Our debate topic is Jesus Christ: Prophet of Allah or Savior of the World. This will be my second debate with Khalil Meek, who is a former Christian now CEO of the Muslim Legal Fund of America. The debate is cosponsored by Valid Worldview and the Muslim Student Association.

Thanks for your prayers! We are planning to video the debate. Let me know if you might be interested in watching it on DVD.