Watch This Hilarious 5-minute Video Destroy the Anti-Christian Movie Zeitgeist


Give me 5 minutes! You have to watch this hysterical parody video spoofing the anti-christian movie Zeitgeist. Last week I emailed to subscribers a copy of our latest Profile on Zeitgeist: The Movie, a wildly popular documentary that levels a devastating attack against Christianity. That 4-page Profile was our effort to provided a solid Christian response to this assault on our faith.

Now here is another tool you will want to put in your “defend the faith” toolbox. In just 5 minutes, this little video destroys the Zeitgeist movie with a heavy dose of satire and tongue-in-cheek fun.

The Zeitgeist documentary tries to prove that Christ is a fictional character that was created by cobbling together elements of earlier religions and pagan myth stories including Egyptian deities, Greek mythology, and Astrology.

So was the Jesus story really borrowed from the mythical Horus, the Egyptian “sky god” born to the goddess Isis? No way! Just watch this 5-minute video, How Horus Ruined Christmas, and get a great laugh! The video was produced by the folks at Lutheran Satire. You may want to check out their YouTube channel for more good videos.

Click here to watch the 5 minute video:

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