Watchtower Society Changes Doctrine of 1914 (Again)


BROOKLYN, NY: Major developing story at the Watchtower —  It looks like the Governing Body is in the process of doing away with most of what remains of the 1914 doctrine.

Originally 1914 was to have been the date for the Battle of Armageddon (The Time Is at Hand, p. 101). Following that failure, 1914 morphed into the beginning of the “last generation” which was to culminate with Armageddon before everyone living in 1914 had died (Watchtower, 1984 May 15 pp. 6-7). That hope was finally abandoned in 1995 with the theory that 1914 began an everlasting “last generation” not limited by human lifespans (Watchtower, 1995 Nov 1 pp. 17-20). In 2010, that “old light” was replaced with a 1914 “overlapping” last generation theory (Watchtower, 2010 June 15 p. 5). Just three years later, that doctrine has now also expired.

Newest Light 2013: It has taken 100 years, but it seems the Watchtower is now subtly admitting that almost everything they once taught about 1914 was wrong (Watchtower, 2013 July 15 pp. 3-8).

You should download this PDF of the July 15, 2013 Watchtower while you still can.