Will All Things Be Tolerated?


An individual wrote the following comment to a post on another website about the possible return to a “pre-modern future:”

You ask, “What will happen when absolutely everything is tolerated?”

I think the answer is, “There will never be a time when absolutely everything is tolerated.” Instead, there will simply be an intensification of the situation that exists now: some things will be accepted and promoted, and other things — particularly those which contradict or oppose the accepted things — will be confronted with increasing ferocity.

The only substantive differences between the ostensibly “tolerant” and the ostensibly “intolerant” are — and will increasingly be — the values, ethics and morals they either “tolerate” or refuse to “tolerate.” The ostensibly “tolerant” simply accept and promote things that were and are opposed by more traditionally-minded people, and oppose the more traditional values, ethics and morals.

The only things that will change are the values, etc. which were previously unaccepted by most people, but which the “tolerant” will drag into the open and demand be accepted and promoted by all people, and the increasing viciousness with which the “tolerant” will persecute the people who obstinately remain “intolerant” and refuse to accept and promote those things.

This emphasizes our vital need to “prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21).