Will the Mayan Apocalypse Occur on December 21, 2012?

Will the Mayan apocalypse occur on 12/21/12


Will life as we know it end on December 21, 2012? Some people, influenced by their understanding of the ancient Mayan calendar, believe that the end of the world will occur on that date. In our Profile on the Mayan Calendar, Ben Williamson instead concludes,

People in the New Age that are using 12/21/2012 are doing so inconsistently. Though one of the Mayan calendars may point to this date, there is no indication anywhere that the Mayans believed a great awakening or a new evolutionary jump would take place then. The Mayans were polytheists, thus would have rejected such a notion. As stated above, this might be the only date when the calendar is reset to If they did believe it was the end of the world, the only current information we have regarding how they believed the world would end might be by a flood. Hence, New Agers looking to 2012 have borrowed the date from a religion it disagrees with, and given it an entirely different meaning. Hence, 12/21/2012 may have significance to the New Age, but the Mayans should not be credited (blamed) for the current interest in it. Plus, even if the Maya were predicting a flood at the end of this present age, we know this is wrong because Scripture specifically states that this present world will not be destroyed by a flood (Gen. 9:12-17).

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