Witnessing Tips and Strategy for Sharing the Gospel with Hindus


Hinduism is predicted to grow 34 percent worldwide, from just over 1 billion to nearly 1.4 billion people, by 2050. In the United States alone, the Hindu population grew to 2.23 million—an increase of 85.8 percent—since 2007. All of this raises a vital question: how can Christians share the Gospel with followers of this growing religion?

In a new article on our website, C. Fred Smith explains:

Hinduism offers such a different worldview than Christianity that many Christians may find responding to Hinduism rather intimidating. One major challenge is that Hindus will often affirm Christian forms of worship and teachings. It is possible, however, to respond to Hindu claims regarding ultimate truth, and to defend the gospel effectively and engagingly. There are a couple of main areas where Christians can show that a biblical worldview is better, the matter of the experience and destiny the two religions offer, and the question or logical coherence.

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