James K. Walker, President, Watchman Fellowship, Inc.

The Watchman Expositor's annual Index includes world religions. We included Christianity (with related doctines) to provide what we hope our readers see as a positive contrast with the other religions listed. Readers should be able to look up brief descriptions of Christian beliefs along with non-Christian ones. We want to contrast the hundreds of alternative religions with what we believe is truth.

The scope of material is admittedly and unavoidably arbitrary. To some degree, information is included based on the amount of questions received on a subject. Some of the doctrine and practices included are somewhat controversial within Christianity. In most cases these subjects were included because we have received a great number of questions or requests for information on the topic. It should not be assumed that the inclusion of a group or doctrine means that Watchman Fellowship necessarily disagrees with, or is critical of it. Likewise, the absence of a doctrine or group should not be considered as an endorsement.

Finally, readers should know that a work of this scope is, by nature, incomplete and prone to errors. Readers can help by suggesting corrections (typographical or factual). Also appreciated are suggestions for additional groups (with supporting documentation for our files). And, of course, donations to help make this ministry possible are always appreciated. We rely heavily on the prayers and voluntary investments made by readers like you who believe Watchman Fellowship provides needed resources, information and outreach.

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