Iraq -- Babylon of the End-Times?

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Iraq -- Babylon of the End-Times?
Iraq -- Babylon of the End-Times?

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Author(s): C. Marvin Pate and J. Daniel Hays
Contents: 143 pages with notes.
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Do current events in Iraq and the Middle East signal the beginning of the end-times?

Authors Pate and Hays believe in biblical prophecy, but they also know itís crucial to distinguish correct interpretations of prophecy from incorrect ones. Iraq-Babylon of the End-Times? provides a sensible approach to examining current events in the Middle East in light of biblical prophecy and geopolitical history.

With clear and persuasive arguments it sheds light on questions such as:

  • Are the political enemies of America the biblical enemies of God?
  • How accurate is the biblical interpretation popularized by the Left Behind series?
  • What is the significance of Saddam Husseinís self-identification with Nebuchadnezzar?
  • According to Bible prophecy, must Babylon be rebuilt and destroyed again?
  • Are the modern-day Iraqis related to the ancient Babylonians?
  • Could the prophet Danielís ìrevived Roman Empireî refer to the European Union or the United Nations?

Iraq-Babylon of the End-Times? is a healthy and hopeful corrective to looming end-times misconceptions. It is also a reminder that Christians are part of the universal church, whose message is one of hope for all the nations of the world. Also includes a discussion of Islam and Israel.  A good tool to help in sharing the gospel with Muslims