What Did Jesus Mean?

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Author(s): Ron Rhodes
Contents: 239 pages

The Bible is our ultimate source for truth and understanding, so -

·         Why did Jesus say He would return soon - when He hasn't?

·         Why did Jesus curse the fig tree and cause it to wither?

·         Can faith really move a mountain?

Although much of the Bible is straightforward, Christians and seekers alike are perplexed by some of Jesus' puzzling statements. Noted Bible teacher Ron Rhodes tackles difficult passages to help you get the most out of Christ's teachings and understand what Jesus meant when He said -

·         Take up your cross and follow Me

·         Let the dead bury their own dead

·         If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out

·         Blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven

In his engaging, easy-to-read style, Rhodes provides solid biblical, cultural, and historical research to help you discover why Jesus said what He did 2000 years ago. These new insights will help you capture the heart of Jesus' message and draw you closer to Him.