Next Door Savior: Near Enough to Touch, Strong Enough to Trust

Picture of Next Door Savior: Near Enough to Touch, Strong Enough to Trust

Price: $20.70

We applaud men for doing good things.

We enshrine God for doing great things.

But what about a man who does God things?

One thing is certain. We can't ignore him. If these moments are factual, if the claim of Christ is actual, then he was, at once, man and God.

The single most significant person who ever lived. Forget MVP. He is the entire league. The head of the parade? Hardly. No one else shares the street. Who comes close? Humanity's best and brightest fade like dime-store rubies next to him.

Dismiss him? We can't. Resist him? Equally difficult. Why would we want to?

Don't we need a God-man Savior? A just-God Jesus could make us, but not understand us. A just-man Jesus could love us, but never save us. But a God-man Jesus?

Near enough to touch. Strong enough to trust. A next door Savior.

Max Lucado is amazed that through Jesus, God became one of us. In The Next Door Savior Max teaches how each episode in Jesus' life clearly displayed how Jesus was both a man "like us in every way, yet without sin," and the undeniable Son of God who leads us into the presence of the Father. Through his trademark stories as well as clear biblical teaching, Max will inspire you to embrace and follow in the footsteps of our Next Door Savior.