Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret

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Author(s): Marcia Montenegro, Don Veinot, and Joy Veinot
Contents: 154 Pages
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The Enneagram of Personality has been embraced by of a growing number of evangelicals. First introduced into the church by disciples of Roman Catholic priest, mystic and "contemplative" Father Richard Rohr, it has come to be regarded as a spiritual toolbut is it a spiritual tool which brings about better understanding of one's self and the God of Scripture? That is the question this book aims to answer. 

Many of us attend church to learn about God, to learn about ourselves, and to connect with God and others. Along with that is a general belief that the church is spiritually safe. After all, the best source of knowledge about God comes from His self-revelation, which is contained in His inspired, inerrant word: the Bible. We rely on church leaders to interpret the Bible, to carefully teach and guide the church family while keeping false teaching on the other side of the doors. But like a virus on a physical level, false teaching can operate on a spiritual level. A church leader may be introduced to new concept or spiritual tool by what is believed to be a reliable source. It may be embraced as a path to a better understanding of God and self. Even with the best intentions and efforts of spiritual leaders, they become spiritually infected and pass their infection to their flock. In Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret, we explore the spiritual infection of those who have embraced Richard Rohr and the Enneagram he has delivered into the church through his disciples. 

The claims for the Enneagram are simple. Supposedly it is an ancient tool used by some of the Early Church Fathers. It is claimed to be the "face of God" and each Enneagram number is an individual spiritual path to deeper spiritual understanding and fuller self-awareness. But what if this seemingly harmless tool is in fact one of the largest deceptions perpetrated upon the Christian church in recent history?