The Da Vinci Code Breaker

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Product #: DVCB117
Author(s): James L. Garlow
Contents: 203 pages

What is the truth about. . .

* Jesus: Was he married and the father of a daughter?
* Mary Magdalene: Was she Jesus' choice to lead the church until some men took it away from her?
* Christianity: Did it really borrow everything from paganism?
* Women: Did the church really kill 5 million females?
* The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper: Do these paintings contain secret clues?

This easy-to-use fact checker provides answers to the questions readers most often ask about The Da Vinci Code. Historically and theologically correct explanations are given for the more than 500 entries that include terms, concepts, people, locations, and events. Arranged alphabetically, dictionary style, this book is a must for thoughtful readers who seek more information about the claims of the novel and film.