Vital Christian Living Issues

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Product #: VCLI153
Author(s): Roy B. Zuck, gen. ed.
Contents: 205 pages.

Vital...pertaining to life; essential; of critical importance.

Christian Living...the lifestyle of the believer in conforming to the standards of the bible and confronting the spirit of the world system.

Issues...a point or matter, the decision of which is of special or public importance.

A dictionary can define the terms, but tackling the tough issues of the Christian life requires skillful study and balanced reflection upon the whole of Scripture.

Vital Christian Living Issues: Examining Crucial Concerns in the Spiritual Life draws upon the insights and study of numerous evangelical scholars and writers to address the practical questions and issues of contemporary life.

Some of the chapters included are:
"What is Spirituality?" by Charles C. Ryrie
"Re-examining Biblical Worship" by Kenneth O. Gangel
"Sarah As a Model for Christian Wives" by James R. Slaughter

Christian readers, church leaders, and pastors will appreciate the helpful guidance of Vital Christian Living Issues.