The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Catholic

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Product #: 10MITSC106
Author(s): Ron Rhodes
Contents: 128 pages

Fact-filled and easy to understand, this series delivers the essential knowledge you need to effectively communicate the liberating truth of God's Word to people who are harmed by unscriptural teachings and traditions. Noted Bible teacher Ron Rhodes highlights the key differences between specific groups and biblical Christianity by:
-identifying the 10 most crucial problems

-examining the exact nature of each departure from Scripture

-contrasting the group's teachings with the truth found in God's Word 

-explaining the correct meanings of Bible verses cited out of context

-reviewing basic principles of interpretation that ensure accurate handling if the Word of truth

Claiming that its tradition and its interpretation of the Scriptures are supreme over the Bible itself, the Roman Catholic Church departs from historical Christianity. In this brief yet through discussion of the Church's teachings, you'll discover tools you need to effectively talk to Catholics about their faith and guide them to the good news of God's free grace through Jesus Christ. Concise, detailed information will help you understand the Catholic view of the Bible, the role of Mary and the Church hierarchy, justification by works, and more.