More Than A Prophet

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Author(s): Caner and Caner
Contents: 269 pages

For the world's one billion Muslims, Jesus is a prophet. A highly respected prophet, but one of many throughout history. For Christians, Jesus is more than a prophet. He alone is God incarnate, Lord and Savior. And therein lies the most profound difference between the two faiths.

Based upon the authors' extensive dialogues and debates with skeptical, angry, and interested Muslims, liberal Christians, and mainstream journalists, More than a Prophet answers nearly one hundred and fifty questions about Islamic and Christian faith. Raised Sunni Muslim and now professors of Christian history and theology, the Caner brothers provide a unique perspective in comparing the religions.

Sympathetic to Muslim concerns yet uncompromising in its portrayal of historic Christian truth, More than a Prophet is an indispensable handbook for Christians who want to share their faith with sensitivity and intellectual honesty. It is also a helpful introductory resource for those seeking to understand Jesus.