Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics

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Author(s): Ron Rhodes
Contents: 359 pages

If you are interested in sharing the gospel with Catholic friends or understanding their beliefs more clearly, Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics is a complete, easy-to-use reference perfect for you.

Drawing on the official Catechism of the Catholic Church and other primary Catholic resources, noted Bible authority Ron Rhodes examines Roman Catholic doctrines that run counter to God's Word. Each chapter presents a thorough overview of a key Catholic tenet, provides a biblical response, and includes questions to help y our friends evaluate their church's teachings in light of God's Word. You'll discover the knowledge and tools you need to:

·         present Scripture as the sole authority, countering the Catholic elevation of tradition

·         use Scripture to effectively refute the exaltation of Mary, mother of Jesus

·         challenge Catholic doctrines of papal infallibility, transubstantiation, purgatory, and indulgences

·         communicate biblical grace and true justification

·         help Catholics understand the Holy Spirit - not the Church - is the key to interpreting Scripture

Pastors, teachers, and laypeople will find this insightful handbook a must-have reference for sharing the good news of salvation by faith alone with Catholic friends and family members.