Witnesses of Jehovah

Picture of Witnesses of Jehovah

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Product #: WOJ160
Author(s): Good News Defender
Contents: DVD, 58 minutes

WITNESSES OF JEHOVAH goes behind the scenes to reveal how the Watchtower Society holds tyrannical control over the lives of its millions of members. The Watchtower is "big business." In the United States alone, over 1 million Jehovah's Witnesses spend more 200 million hours each year peddling a counterfeit gospel door-to-door. This incredible sales organization and the devastating impact it has on the lives of people who "buy" its deceptive line is the subject of this hard-hitting investigative film.

WITNESSES OF JEHOVAH traces the history of the organization from its first days, penetrating the schemes, the scams, and the false prophecies used by this pseudo-Christian cult to extend its manipulative empire across the world.