Mormonism 101

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Product #: M101151
Author(s): Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson
Contents: 320 pages

In this accessible, informative introduction to Mormonism, Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson compare the main points of Mormon theology to orthodox Christianity. How do Mormon beliefs about God, man, Scripture, salvation, and revelation differ from those of Christianity? The authors' point-by-point study includes helpful summaries at the end of each major section.

Mormon Apostle Bruce McConkie says, "Mormonism is Christianity; Christianity is Mormonism; they are one and the same." The authors refute that claim as they explain the man-centered, polytheistic theology of the Latter-day Saints. Frequently quoting Mormon leaders and pointing to passages from the Mormon scriptures, the authors show how Mormonism is incompatible with Christian theology. In so doing they address this basic question: Can an individual or organization willfully deny or distort the basics of the Christian faith and still be considered (or claim to be) Christian?

With a wealth of firsthand experience working with Mormons, the authors provide practical witnessing tips, in dialogue form, at the end of each section. Mormonism 101 is a valuable resource for understanding the beliefs of your Mormon friends and neighbors and a guide for reaching out to them with the light of the Christian gospel.