Mormons: How to Witness to Them

Picture of Mormons: How to Witness to Them

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Product #: MHTWTT154
Author(s): John Farkas and David Reed
Contents: 208 pages

On numerous occasions, leaders of the Latter-day Saints have issued public challenges for Mormon doctrine to be checked for contradiction or error. John Farkas and David Reed make it their mission to answer these challenges. Because many of the core Mormon and evangelical Christian doctrines differ, these groups will never truly connect unless the Christian knows some of the Latter-day Saint history and theology. This comprehensive guide provides the essential ingredients of that understanding:

·         an overview of Mormon teachings

·         notes on significant changes in LDS beliefs and scriptures

·         definitions of terms LDS and Christians use very differently

·         a survey of LDS organization and sociology.

Mormons provides readers with indispensable materials for building an interpersonal bridge and methods for breaking down barriers to faith in Christ.