The Mormon Puzzle

Picture of The Mormon Puzzle

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Author(s): North American Mission Board
Format: DVD
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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormons) is one of America's largest and fastest growing religions. However, most Christians regard it as an imposing puzzle. Dressed in Christian terminology, advocating traditional family values, and upholding conservative personal lifestyles, Mormons claim they are a Christian movement funded on the principles of Jesus Christ. Yet, Christians are confused by Mormons' use of extra-biblical scriptures such as The Book of Mormon, unorthodox doctrines, and aggressive missionary efforts to convert them to the LDS church. So they ask, "What is the truth about Mormons?"


This video is an honest and balanced attempt to put together the diverse pieces of the Mormon puzzle. The producers studied official LDS church statements, researched documented historical records, and personally interviewed LDS leaders and scholars to reveal a clear picture of LDS history, beliefs, and goals.

Prominent Christian experts including theologians, ministers, and several former Mormons evaluate LDS doctrinal assertions in light of biblical truth. Practical principles for witnessing to Mormons are presented. This video will be a valuable tool for anyone seeking to understand and witness to their Mormon friends.

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