Thieves of Innocence

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Product #: TOI149
Author(s): John Ankerberg and Craig Branch with John Weldon
Contents: 345 pages

This provocative expose documents the growing occult/New Age influence invading our public school system­ and what parents and educators can do about it.

Chronicling the people and philosophies that have set the stage for current educational trends, this complete sourcebook reveals the surprising ease with which our children are being turned away from traditional values. Every day your child might be learning to make decisions with the help of inappropriate or occult practices such as meditation, hypnosis or visualization, altered states of con­sciousness, yoga, and imaginary "friends" or inner guides.

In addition, this indispensable tool takes an in-depth look at the more subtle yet widespread programs being implemented, including Quest, DUSO, Pumsy, and DARE, and why such programs can be harmful.

Effective action against these trends begins with accurate information. Thieves of Innocence equips you to wisely and confidently face class­room issues directly affecting your child's future.