The Concise Guide to Today's Religions and Spirituality

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Product #: 0736920110
Author(s): James K. Walker & Watchman Fellowship Staff
Contents: 368 Pages

Here are the fast facts on over 1,700 religions, doctrines and spiritual leaders in America from a biblical, evangelical, and orthodox perspective. This book equips readers with a comprehensive yet succinct A-to-Z resource covering everything from Aaronic Order to Zen Buddhism.

Supported by the trustworthy research of Watchman Fellowship and its president, James Walker, its alphabetical entries and thorough cross referencing give the basics needed to evaluate spiritual belief systems, movements, and metaphysical phenomena.  These include cults, occult organizations, Christian denominations, world religions, controversial doctrines, practices and spiritual leaders.

This is a great resource for pastors, parents, counselors, and friends who want to give sound advice.  It is an essential reference work for every pastor's study and every church library.