Spiritual Abuse Recovery Workbook

Picture of Spiritual Abuse Recovery Workbook

Price: $20.00

Product #: WFSARWBK001
Author(s): David Henke / Watchman Fellowship
Contents: 70 pages, 3-Ring Binder

The military calls it "friendly fire" when our guns are fired at our soldiers. Even in the church Christians can take "fire" from other believers who think they are helping God. There is nothing friendly about it though when you are on the receiving end. Christians and cultists alike can experience legalism, spiritual abuse, and the wounding effect of bad doctrine.

The Spiritual Abuse Recovery workbook takes you through the maze of dysfunctional religion. In 70 pages, the people and dynamics of the system are defined including the telltale characteristics of legalism, spiritual abuse and mind control. Almost 100 questions focus thinking, and a graphic recovery scale is included at the back to gauge your progress.