Islam Debate: Jesus, the Cross and the Resurrection


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Product #: JCRDEBATE179
Author(s): Watchman Fellowship
Contents: DVD (2 discs), 180 minutes, booklet

Watch this powerful two-hour debate between the Muslim apologist, Khalil Meek, president of the Muslim Legal Fund of America, and the Christian apologist, James Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship.  One man converted from Christianity to Islam. One man converted from Mormonism to Christianity. Both men share their remarkable stories then debate the historical facts that divide the world's two largest religions. Who was Jesus? Did He really die on the cross? Did Christ truly rise from the dead?

Like Christianity, Islam is a monotheistic religion promoting the worship of one true God. Islam also highly honors Jesus (Isa) as one of God's holy messengers. Nevertheless, Allah of Islam is not the same God that is worshiped by Christians. No Muslim would ever confess that Allah is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ nor would they tolerate the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. Likewise, the Jesus (Isa) of Islam is not the Christ of Christianity (2 Cor. 11:4). Islam denies Christ's deity, incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection - essential elements of His identity according to the biblical gospels. Who is right? For two hours, Meek and Walker discuss the questions separating the world's two largest religions.

·         Was Jesus merely a prophet or was He more than a prophet?

·         Is the story of Jesus in the Qur'an more reliable than that of the Bible?

·         Does the Bible predict Muhammad by name as God's final messenger?

BONUS: Disc 2 contains two bonus messages, Our Mission Building Bridges, practical biblical principles for sharing the gospel with those of other religions, and Islam: A Christian Perspective, which is a "crash course" for Christians to better understand and reach their Muslim neighbors with the gospel.
PLUS: A free downloadable debate companion booklet