Truth Led Me Out

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Product #: TLME149
Author(s): Dale Ratzlaff
Contents: 156 pages.

In Truth Lead Me Out, Ratzlaff shares his personal journey from being a conservative, staunch believer in the writings of Ellen White and the Seventh-day Adventism church as the "true, remnant church of Bible prophecy" to simply being a Christian. The gripping, narrative writing style allows the reader to enter into the task of the evaluation of the discovered evidence and the emotional trauma of having to choose between conscience and the financial rewards of the status quo and the predicted damnation for leaving the church.

Knowing well the history of Adventism and how its leaders have either tarnished or rewritten the history of those who have made public its errors, Ratzlaff includes names, places, conversations, events and information for the sake of history.

This book is for those who wish to better understand Adventism. It gives an inside look at the workings of the church which outwardly appears to be a truth-seeking church and still presents itself as the only, true, "remnant church of Bible Prophecy."