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New Book on Mormon Fundamentalism!

Under the Banner of Heaven


Understanding New Age spirituality, its unique terminologies, and underlying truth-claims is a daunting task for today's Christians. Basic familiarity with the history, practices, and philosophies of the New Age is an essential first step to reaching out to friends and family members who may be involved in the its teachings or practices. The following resources are important tools to help understand better understand and communicate with this growing form of spirituality in America.

Our #1 Recommended Resource

An $57 value for $45 (plus free shipping in the US). Includes:

Two Training CDs and Two Documentation Manuals

. New Age Spirituality: A Christian Perspective ($10)
. New Age in our Schools ($10)

Two Books Plus Thirty Tracts

. The Encyclopedea of New Age Beliefs,
       by John Ankerberg and John Weldon (674 pgs., $20)
. Confronting the New Age,
       by Douglas Groothuis (230 pgs., $20)
. Tract Packet: "A New Age Quest"
by Tal Brook (20 tracts.... a $3.50 value)

The documentation/witnessing manuals contain key photocopies from LDS sources that Christians will want to share with their Mormon friend or family member.  The four audio CDs, recorded by James Walker, a former fourth generation Mormon, provide complete, practical instructions on how to begin and maintain the conversation through each page of the manual.

The DVDs are powerful tools for understanding critical issues involving two Mormon Scriptures: The Book of Mormon and The Book of Abraham. They are powerful and convincing while being fair and balanced.  These are great for sharing with a Mormon friend or co-worker.

Save $12 plus free shipping by ordering the complete library or choose individual resources below.

CD and Manual Sets

These manuals will help you to better understand the religious foundations, history, beliefs and practices common to the New Age spirituality. The audio CD that accompanies the manual gives complete page-by-page commentary, training, and instructions.

The New Age Spirituality: A Christian Perspective

New Age Spirituality: A Christian Perspective

What is New Age spirituality? When did it first come into American culture and how has it become more mainstream in recent years? Can you recognize subtle New Age practices or beliefs in major motion pictures, the entertainment industry, or your children's cartoons? This fill in the blank manual and training CD answer these questions and explains the theology and history of the New Age in a way that is easy to comprehend. Great for youth or adults. $10.

Also Available:
Cassette Tape Format $10.
Spanish version available. $10.

New Age in Our Schools

The New Age in Our Schools

A subtle transformation is taking place in a countless classrooms throughout America. "Altered states" are being introduced in schools K-12. Parental values are being replaced with "non-directive" education and karma, physics with Metaphysics, the traditional three "R's"(reading,'riting and 'rithmatic) with the three new "R's"- Relaxation, Relativism, and Reality Manipulation. This CD and documentation manual is a must for every parent and educator! $10.

Also Available:
Cassette Tape Format $10.


These books provide some of the most comprehensive Christian responses to the teachings and practices of the New Age.

Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs
by John Ankerberg and John Weldon

Over two dozen chapters on major New Age beliefs including: A Course in Miracles, Angels, est and related Neopaganism, Mantras, Martial arts, New Age education, Medicine, Scientology and a comprehensive New Age Health Listing. A standard for any New Age library, 670 pgs., Index, Bib. ($20).

Confronting the New Age

Confronting the New Age
by Douglas Groothuis

This important book goes beyond a description of New Age beliefs. Its focus is on practical advice for asking questions, building relationships, and witnessing to a friend or family member who has been influenced by New Age beliefs or practices. A very practical approach, 230 pgs., Index., Bib., Ftnts. ($14).

JWs Answered Verse by Verse

Spirit Wars
by Peter Jones

From the author of the Gnostic Empire Strikes Back comes the sequel focusing on the startling growth of the Pagan Revival in America. Details the "New Spirituality" and how it is leading people into a Gnostic revolt against God. A very thought provoking book in light of Christian Liberalism, 331 pgs., Index, Endnotes. ($20).

Free Articles

Our free articles listed below will also help you to have a better understanding of the history, theology, and practices of New Age spirituality.

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