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We are raising money to bring in Dr. Bart Ehrman as our special guest author at the Atheist Christian Book Club. Dr. Ehrman, an agnostic, is one of the leading textural critics of the New Testament and is a New York Times best-selling author.

The book club is a ministry of Watchman Fellowship designed to build bridges with nonbelievers and promote conversations about God, faith, and the gospel that are respectful and relational.

Your gift of any amount help cover Dr. Ehrman's speaking fees. The cost is $2,000 which (along with his other speaking fees) is donated to charity each year by Dr. Ehrman.

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The Atheist & Christian Book Club is a monthly gathering of believers and skeptics respectfully discussing important books from both perspectives. Bill Kluck, an atheist apologist, and James Walker, a Christian apologist, are co-founders of the club

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