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Any amount donated to Watchman Fellowship is a seed that is planted to help others reach out to the people they love who are lost.

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$9 Donation

What can $9 do? You might be surprised. With your $9.00 donation, we'll be able to add a book to a care package for a person who needs help with a cult influence in their life... or we'll be able to print and mail a profile to someone just like you, who has asked for more information about new religions... or we'll be able to fund an hour of research into new and developing cults and religions, so that we can help keep you informed and aware of what's out there.

Donation Amount: $9.00

$20 Donation

Your $20 donation will go a long way at Watchman - you will be a part of the research that goes into finding the newest religions that are springing up, and taking that information to champions for Christ, just like you. Together we play a part in protecting families, sharing the gospel, and ministering to those who are currently involved in a cult or non-Christian faith.

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SPECIAL OFFER: Donate $25 and get full access to our 2-hour online video class Witnessing to Mormons with the Book of Mormon PLUS Manual (PDF download). Streaming video works with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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$49 Donation

Your donation of $49 makes possible our many apologetics training and mission trips each year such as our annual Manti, Utah outreach at the Mormon Miracle Pageant.

Donation Amount: $49.00

$100 Donation

Your gift of $100 means you are standing with us as partners in evangelism and apologetics. For example, your $100 donation helps fund the ongoing the research needed for our bimonthly Profiles. Thank you!

Donation Amount: $100.00

$500 Donation

Your investment of $500 helps keep one of our valuable staff members on the "front lines" of defending the faith (Jude 3) and sharing the gospel with those of other religions. Thank you for making our ministry possible!

Donation Amount: $500.00

$1,000 donation

Your gift today of $1,000 is a major contribution towards fulfilling the Jesus' Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20) of sharing the gospel with those who do not share a Christian worldview. This is much more than a tax-deductible donation. It is an investment in eternity. Thank you!

Donation Amount: $1,000.00

Atheist Christian Book Club Donation

The Atheist Christian Book Club is a monthly gathering of atheists and Christians for a meal and intense (but friendly) discussions about important books from both perspectives. Your gift of any amount help support this ministry, cover meals, advertising, and other monthly expenses of the club. To get more info. and watch the video, CLICK HERE.

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Mormons In Transition Meetup Outreach

Mormons in Transition is a monthly gathering of current Mormons with questions, former Mormons and their friends. The meetings are held on the second Friday of each month. Your gift of any amount help support this ministry, cover meals, advertising, and other monthly expenses of the club. 

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Utah Mission Trip

Your donation helps support our mission trip to Utah. To designate your donation to a specific missionary, contact Brady Blevins at 817-277-0023 ext 104 or

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This tax-deductible donation is designated as missionary support for the ministry of Daniel Ray, Staff Apologist at Watchman Fellowship.

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NOBTS Special: Profile Notebook (Digital Edition)

: Claim your Profile Notebook (PDF, Digital Edition) for a donation of $49 NOW $??.  (1993-2016). This new edition includes all 22 years of Profiles (490 pages) for your computer, smart phone, and tablet.

This NOBTS "Defend the Faith" Offer Ends Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016 at Midnight.

Donation Amount: $35.00


I am sorry but this offer has expired.
Please visit for other helpful resources.

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Donation Widow's Mite Coin

Receive this 2,000-year-old "Widow's Mite," a biblical coin circulated in Judea during the time of Christ. It is beautifully framed with custom matting engraved metal plates, and a certificate of authenticity from a licensed Israeli antiquities dealer. Our 'thank you' gift for your donation at this time of $365 or more ($1 per day to cover one year). Please click the link for more information.[Free shipping, valid USA only, offer ends Dec. 31, 2016 at midnight].

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Branch Davidians - 2 books and video

Branch Davidian Tragedy 30 Years Later
Two FREE books on the Branch Davidian cult - The Incredible Power of Cults,by Alice Scott and A Branch on Fire, by former Branch Davidian Robert Scott. BONUS: Our interview with Clive Doyle, a Branch Davidian survivor and burn victim who still believes Koresh is the messiah who will soon return in power and glory. NOTE: We ask for a donation of at least $3.84 to help with shipping and handling.

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Any amount donated to is a seed that is planted to help others reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people they love who are lost.

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Guest Author Bart Ehrman

We are raising $2,000 to bring in Dr. Bart Ehrman as our special guest author at the Atheist Christian Book Club. Dr. Ehrman, an agnostic, is one of the leading textural critics of the New Testament and is a New York Times best-selling author.

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FREE Story of Cosmos Book and Course

FREE: Story of the Cosmos Book PLUS Online Video Course (a $68 value) Please include a donation of at least $3.82 to cover the shipping. Any donation above that helps us recover from our "summer slump" and go into the fall fully funded. Thanks for your help!

The Story of The Cosmos: How the Heavens Declare the Glory of God, is co-written and co-edited by Daniel Ray, staff apologist at Watchman Fellowship. This 272-page, book with full-color illustrations PLUS the 15 lesson online video companion course are free with you donation of at least $3.82 to cover postage. Offer ends Sept. 30, 2021.

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