The Concise Guide to Today's Religions and Spirituality

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Author(s): James K. Walker & Watchman Fellowship Staff
Contents: 368 Pages
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Biblical, evangelical, and orthodox, The Concise Guide to Todays Religions and Spirituality supplies readers with a comprehensive, A-to-Z information source. Supported by the trustworthy research of Watchman Fellowship and its president, James Walker, this book contains over 1,700 entries plus hundreds of cross-references including cults, occult groups, world religions, churches, denominations, controversial spiritual leaders, doctrines and practices. 

Definitions, descriptions, and cross references pack the maximum useful information into concise form, as in these examples:

Adler, Margo: A witch affiliated with the Covenant of the Goddess, the second-largest coven in the United States. Adler wrote the highly influential book Drawing Down the Moon. See GODDESS, WICCA.

Bioenergy: NEW AGE practice of healing, in which life-energy is balanced by opening blocked meridians. See HOLISTIC HEALING.

This is a great resource for individuals-parents, church leaders, counselors, friends who want to give sound advice-as well as for study groups and church libraries.