The Cross or the Crescent

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Author(s): North American Mission Board
Format: VHS, 75 minutes

Chances are you have a Muslim friend, neighbor or business associate. Or you've seen them at shopping centers or malls - wives and daughters in veiled submission. The Muslim faith - Islam - is growing rapidly in North America, but many Christians have little or no understanding of this world religion.

Though Muslims are staunch adherents to their faith, God can and does work in their hearts. Some have accepted Christ, and many more would do so if Christians were prepared to witness to them.

This 75-minute video can prepare you to introduce Christ to Muslims in an effective and loving way. It focuses on these major areas to inform Christians about Islam and create a basis for witnessing:

  • Perceptions and realities of Islam and its history
  • Islam in America
  • Major doctrines of Islam: The Scriptures, God, man, sin and salvation - contrasted with a biblical perspective
  • Guidelines for responding to the challenge of Islam in the light of Christ's mandate

If Islam has so far been a brief, in personal encounter, be ready when it moves closer to home. If Islam has already touched your life directly, don't miss the opportunity to share Christ with your Muslim friend or acquaintance.