Escaping Scientology: One woman's remarkable journey from L. Ron Hubbard to Jesus Christ.

Karen Pressley was a devout Scientologist serving on their international headquarters staff. She was responsible for helping image development of Scientology staff on an international scope serving on five continents. But deep inside she knew that something was wrong. She had no idea how hard it would be to leave&or what would happen next!

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The Truth Behind the Secret (Audio)

The audio book version of, "The Truth Behind the Secret" - a Christian response to the popular The Secret. Read by co-author and President of Watchman Fellowship, James K. Walker.

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The Secret Message

In this DVD message, James Walker provides a biblical analysis and reasoned response to Rhonda Byrne's bestseller The Secret. The message includes video from the theatrical trailer for The Secret, as well as portions of a scene deleted from the current version of The Secret DVD now being sold. 

Price: $20.00