Alien Obsession

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Product #: AO109
Author(s): Ron Rhodes
Contents: 252 pages

Delving into the mystery, bestselling author Ron Rhodes investigates UFO sightings and alien visitations. From the alleged government cover-up in Roswell, New Mexico, to experimental aircraft and unexplained phenomena, Alien Obsession:

·         examines why UFOs and aliens are so popular today

·         explores the significance of the similarity of most alien messages

·         reveals what the Bible says about UFOs and extraterrestrials

·         probes the possibility that alien acceptance sets the stage for Antichrist

Is there a hidden agenda behind the increase in mysterious sightings and visitations? Based on God's Word, Alien Obsession takes you behind the scenes for a close look at the facts and provides the information and tools you need to discern the true nature of UFO and extraterrestrial appearances.