Witchcraft Goes Mainistream

Picture of Witchcraft Goes Mainistream

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Product #: WGM162
Author(s): Ralph Alexander
Contents: 284 pages.

The Halloween witch is dead. The old crone on a broomstick is gone. In her place is a young,  hip, sexually magnetic woman who worships a goddess and practices socially acceptable magic.

As witchcraft goes mainstream, this new image, or some other aspect of the rapidly growing pagan religious movement, shapes the identity of more and more of your coworkers and neighbors&or maybe even your friends and family members. What do you do or say when you or your children meet someone like this?

Brooks Alexander, founder of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project, pointedly answers the tough questions:

·         What do modern witches believe? Are they really following ancient pagan traditions or worshipping the devil?

·         What does the widespread acceptance of witchcraft today mean for you?

·         How can you respond to protect your loved ones and reach out with the love of Jesus?

Witchcraft Goes Mainstream will help you chart a course for yourself and your family and see the light of God more clearly in a darkening culture.