Sabbath in Christ

In this thorough and easy-to-read work of biblical scholarship, former Seventh-Day Adventist minister Dale Ratzlaff objectively examines the arguments that support observing the Sabbath. Using the Bible, he responds to these arguments by showing that Jesus fulfilled the commandment by providing true rest for believers. Sabbath keeping is no a requirement for salvation. Jesus is our Sabbath. The gospel of grace is clearly communicated (438-pages). FREE SHIPPING (USA only)

Price: $25.00

Truth Led Me Out

In Truth Lead Me Out, Ratzlaff shares his personal journey from being a conservative, staunch believer in the writings of Ellen White and the Seventh-day Adventism church as the "true, remnant church of Bible prophecy" to simply being a Christian.

Price: $29.00

The Truth About Seventh-Day Adventist

This is a brief but well documented summary of what many Evangelicals consider to be the eight main problems with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Price: $3.00

White Washed: Uncovering the Myths of Ellen G. White

A former Adventist pastor looks at Ellen G. White's strange teachings and false prophecies.

Price: $103.00

La Verdad Sobre Las

Spanish edition of The Truth About Seventh-day Adventist "Truth."

Price: $3.00