Classic Doctrines of Armstrongism

The articles on our site concerning the Worldwide Church of God are to inform readers about the history of that organization and the doctrines taught by its founder; numerous splinter groups still practice Armstrongism. The former Worldwide Church of God--now named Grace Communion International--is now a Christian denomination and a member of the National Association of Evangelicals and Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR).

Founder: Herbert W. Armstrong

Organized: January 1934

Doctrine Of God

The Trinity: "God is not merely one Person, nor even limited to a `Trinity,' but God is FAMILY. The doctrine of the Trinity is false" (The Missing Dimension In Sex, H.W. Armstrong, p. 37).

"The concept of a Trinity is nowhere found in the Bible. it has been formulated by men under the influence of Satan. The Trinity hides from man God's plan of salvation. The Trinity doctrine maintains that the Godhead is a closed unit into which no one else can enter" (Good News Nov./Dec. 1990, p. 10).

The Father: In speaking of John 1:1, "The Word, then, is a Personage who was made flesh - begotten by God, who through this later begettal became his Father. So here we find revealed originally two Personages. One is God. But these two Personages were spirit, which is invisible to human eyes unless supernaturally manifested. Yet at the time described in verse one Jesus was not the Son of God and God was not his Father" (Mystery of the Ages, H.W. Armstrong, pp. 34-35). 

"God wants everyone of us to eventually become like Him" (Ambassador College Correspondence Course, Lesson 9, p. 6).

The Son: "Jesus was born to rule and reign as king over all nations of the earth. Nearly 2000 years ago, Jesus qualified to become this world's ruler by conquering Satan the devil" (Ambassador College Correspondence Course, Lesson 4, p. 11).

"His human birth was the arrival of the `second Adam.' He had come to qualify, where the first Adam failed. And he come to be resurrected from the dead by God, making possible ETERNAL GOD-LIFE for the people of God (Mystery of the Ages, H.W. Armstrong, p. 179).

The Holy Spirit: "The truth is - and it would shock millions to know - that the Holy Spirit is not a person. Rather, it is the agency by which God the Father works. The Holy Spirit is an agency, a force, a power that is used by the Highest - God the Father - to achieve his purpose. The Holy Spirit, we repeat, is not a person" (Good News, Nov./Dec. 1990, p. 9).

Doctrine Of Man

"Why should it seem strange that you will someday be the spirit-composed child of your heavenly Father? You will be what He is - God," (Good News, Nov./Dec. 1988, p. 5).

"God's PURPOSE in having created humanity - in having caused YOU to be born - is to reproduce Himself," (Just what do you mean Conversion?, H.W. Armstrong, p. 18).

Doctrine Of Salvation

"God will ultimately save most of mankind after Christ's return - not now" (Good News, Nov./Dec., 1990, p. 25).

"Every human who ever lived will have an opportunity to receive salvation For most people that time will come after they have lived their entire lives, died and are brought back to life in a future resurrection" (What Is a Real Christian, p. 8).

View Of The Bible

"The revelation of these mysteries was lost, even to the Church of God, although the revelation of them has been preserved in the writings of the Bible. Why, then, has the world not clearly understood? Because the Bible was a coded book, not intended to be understood until our day in this later half of the twentieth century" (Mystery of the Ages, p. xii).

Witnessing Tips

Similar to both Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses, the Worldwide Church of God members can be witnesses to by demonstrating the false prophecies and erroneous statements made by the leaders.

Also, a thorough understanding of the Biblical books of Galatians and Colossians is helpful.

The Worldwide Church is experiencing a dramatic doctrinal examination, by their own leaders, at this time. For this reason, NOW would be an excellent time to share the gospel with a friend or family member in this organization.

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